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业务能力Professional competence
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Human resources profile: There are more than 1,650 employees and 180 technical personnel, including approximate 90 first-grade registered constructors, engineers, senior engineers and professorial senior engineers. It meets the needs of talents in the market, management, and technology.The company has established a long-term plan for the talents development. We train and bring in various specific and technical talents to realize the optimal allocation of R&D personnel and engineering managers.

We will improve and optimize the environment for the growth of employee to realize the self-worth of personnel, and provide competitive, challenging and motivating jobs for staff with the development of the company. The Company constantly consolidates the concept that talents strengthen the enterprise. We have correct talent values and establish a positive atmosphere that respects talents, protects talents, and strives to be talents, so that can attract and retain more talents.




Human resources planning: At the end of the 13th Five-Year Plan, the company will form a team of personnel with complete specific categories, strong professional forces, and a reasonable proportion of technical managers for each level, especially the nationally registered architects, structurist, safety engineer, quality engineer, constructor, cost engineer, and accountant. It can meet the requirements of managerial personnel for first-class qualified general contractor of metallurgical engineering construction.

The company improves the staff's operational skills.At the end of the 13th Five-Year Plan, the number of technicians will reach more than 30, and the proportion of senior workers in the number of employees is more than 85%. There are leading professional and technical talents in all types of projects.

The company properly introduces professional talents related to the design general contracting project to meet the needs of the project. We optimize the structure of the workforce to further increasing the proportion of management and technical personnel.