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业务板块Business scope
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Business Introduction

Wuhan JingDing Technology Co.,LTD is a professional company engaged in the construction projects of industrial furnace and production technical services,which can be traced back to Metallurgical Furnace Repair Factory of Wuhan Iron and Steel Corporation in 1961.After more than 60 years development,the company has developed into a high-tech professional service enterprise with 10 core business sections which are technical service of steel-making process, heat treatment system, blast furnace system, converter system, vacuum furnace system, nonferrous metallurgical system, hazardous waste treatment System, furnace & kiln system of mining, coking system, anti-corrosion & insulation system. It provides customers with safe, long-life, efficient, energy-saving products and services.

Since its establishment, the company has undertaken the responsibility for technical services of steel-making process of Wuhan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd.. Through years of experience and technical accumulation, it has formed unique experiences in the management of technical services and a set of core patented technologies and processes. According to the users' process characteristics, management process and development needs, company can actively extend the service area, expand the service content and meet the needs of users’ production. So our company's service becomes indispensable and organic integration in costumers’ production process and value chain.

The company has formed its own brand advantage in the construction project of industrial furnace.It takes charge of construction and maintainance of furnaces of WISCO, Moreover, it carries on many construction projects for domastic & overseas steel enterprises and nonferrous enterprises, such as Hansteel, Ansteel,  Masteel, Jinan steel, Shagang group, Baotou steel, Panzhihua Iron & Steel Company, Shaogang steel, Xiangtan Iron and Steel Co. ,Liuzhou steel,Lianzhong stainless steel Co.LTD,Formosa HaTinh Steel Corp(Vietnam),Orient Steel(Malaysia),Chifengshan Gold-Silver-Lead Company and Zhongyuan Gold Smelter LLC. The company has undertaken dozens of large sized furnace and kiln engineering constructions of blast furnaces, hot-blast stove, converters, heating furnaces, vacuum furnaces, melting furnaces. The construction qualities of converter, vacuum furnace, heating furnace and rotary kiln are the leading statuses in the national industries.

Relying on the strengths of talents, technology and business, company recently has actively enlarged the layout in the field of hazardous waste treatment, anti-corrosion and heat preservation etc. Through the perfect service and reliable quality, it has further increasd the business proportion of unrelated-steel industry.